Quality Truck and Trailer Repair - Dallas, TX

Truck Frame and Trailer Repair in Dallas, Texas 

For complete, full service mobile truck and trailer repair when you’re passing through Dallas, Texas the only place you need to call is Quality Truck and Trailer Repair. Whether you are located in Dallas or it just happens to be on your route, if you ever find yourself needing any type of semi repair, be prepared and have (915) 519-1158 in your contacts. We carry tons of parts with us for our roadside service so if you need air lines, hoses, starters, alternators, transmissions or differentials, we are ready to get it fixed for you. When you call us at (915) 519-1158, our immediate dispatch service will get certified technicians out to you as soon as possible.

About 60% of the time, we will be able to help you right then and there, but if not, we’ll tow you back to the shop where we can get to work on your truck and trailer repair right away. Since there’s a dealership right around the corner, we can get any parts we need immediately, and if for some reason we need to continue your semi truck repair overnight, we’ll pay for you to stay in a motel.

Since Quality Truck and Trailer Repair is fully licensed, insured for over a million dollars, and completely certified in Detroit, you can feel totally confident that the work that we do is done right every time.

The next time you have a route that takes you through Dallas, Texas, you can have peace of mind that Quality Truck and Trailer Repair will be there if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need mobile truck and trailer repair.

Our roadside service has a solid reputation for their same day service and quick response time. There’s no better truck repair company to call in all of Dallas, Texas, so keep our phone number on hand because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.